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In the middle of the twentieth century, the city of Chisinau was actively developing and expanding, new residential and leisure areas appeared, the population grew, the urban infrastructure became more complicated.

On May 9, 1978, the Chisinau Zoo, a new cultural institution, was officially inaugurated in the capital city.

The zoo was located on the Peace Leaflet (currently Dacia Boulevard), across the road from the Botanical Garden, which was opened 5 years before (1973).

The Scientific Institution for Culturalization and Training “Zoo” was created in the Botanica Sector. The sector was developing intensively and the location of the institution at the edge of the city was not convenient. However, it was with perspective. Here there was room for placing animals and then build the zoo in the future.

Before the Zoo was established, local citizens could get acquainted with wild animals and birds only when the mobile zoos arrived. The animals placed in small cages stayed in the city for a short time. There is no doubt about its educational and cultural impact.

The surface of the Zoo was about 8 ha. Visitors came from all over the capital city, despite the fact that its location was not quite appropriate and the public transportation was missing in this region (the southeastern part of the city was just being built).

At first, the Zoo counted only 60 species of animals. The exhibition consisted of predatory mammals, primates, herbivores and birds.

In the 1980s the area of the institution was expanded to 25 ha and new aviaries were built, including for the elephant. The collection was supplied with exotic animals – elephants, giraffes and other animals.

At the end of the 1990s the collection of exotic animals decreased slightly. A part of the territory closed for repairs and reconstruction. Elephants and giraffes were already missing from the collection, while ungulates were given more space.

In the 2000s, the aviaries of big cats were rebuilt and lions, tigers and lynx were transferred to a new place. The collection of birds, reptiles and small predators started being actively completed.

Currently the institution’s collection counts about 1,000 birds and animals. 10 species of animals are included in the international conservation program. Tens of animals are included in the International Red Book and the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova.

Meanwhile, construction works are being carried out in order to expand the collection. We are also working at the international level to get permission to populate the territory with new species of animals. So far, there was no permission to move the bears to a larger cage. A new aviary is now being built for brown bears, to which the bears will be transferred in spring 2020.

For more news related to the supply of the collection and other issues regarding the activity of the Chisinau Zoo, go to «НОВОСТИ» column on our website.







– is a real centre of research, education and studies, leisure.

The institution scientific activities and plays an important role in recovering rare and endangered animals.

Today, the institution’s collection includes 1,180 specimen representing 136 animal species from all continents, but for Antarctica. The institution’s collection includes endangered animals, they are introduced in the International Red Book. These are the Bengal tiger, the snow leopard, the European mouflon, the lion and others. So are those who are part of the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova, such as eagles, swans, pelicans and others.

In 2010, new aviaries for birds and new winter houses appeared on the territory of the institution, a sculptured composition for decorative birds was created, the collection was enriched with rare and very valuable specimen.

In spring, mature bears will be moved to a modern aviary, and a “kindergarten” will be prepared for the baby bears that will be brought from Kamchatka.

At present, the Zoo in Chisinau covers 25 ha. The old territory of the institution will be changed. Surprises await visitors!

The new territory is currently under construction and arrangement works. Here will be placed modern cages for animals that are not in the collection of the institution, but which will be of great interest for our visitors.

Except animals, visitors can admire rare plants that are protected by the state. The collection of plants in the institution continues to be supplied with rare species.

Visitors are also attracted by the lake, which is populated by ducks, black and white swans, pelicans, mandarin ducks and other birds.

The Young Biologists Club works within the Chisinau Zoo. Here children and teenagers can get acquainted with the flora and fauna.

At the same time, the institution conducts scientific activity and plays an important role in recovering the number of vulnerable animals.

The Scientific Institution for Culturalization and Training “Zoo” is a center for study and education, rest and leisure, which cooperate with similar international institutions, exchanges experience and works permanently to create a beautiful and useful cultural institution in the city.

Every year, Chisinau Zoo has about 300 thousand visitors.